Cops Haphazardly Killed an Innocent Woman. Now They are Charging Someone Else for Her Murder


A man, who didn’t fire any shots, is facing first degree murder charges after an innocent woman was killed by a bullet fired by an Orlando police officer.

According to the Orlando police department, three officers were dispatched to the Vixen Bar at 118 South Orange Ave, in Orlando, Fl. on August 19, after getting reports of a gunman making threats.

“I have a gun-wielding maniac,” one of the club’s employees told 911 dispatchers as Roach banged on the door with the pistol just before 1 a.m. “He set it on the bar top and he wielded it many times. I had to throw him out.”

The bouncer, who was unarmed and didn’t have to shoot at anyone, was able to get the belligerent Roach out of the bar.

When officers arrived and confronted the man, first they fired tasers, then they began shooting. According to the New York Daily News, Roach was ordered to drop the weapon, but he refused and the officers shot him with a stun gun. It apparently had little to no effect on him, because it didn’t knock him over and he instead began to raise his arm.

At this point, it’s not clear whether Roach was moving his arm to grab the wired prongs off his chest or point his weapon at the police, but the group of three officers didn’t take any chances.

They opened fire before Roach could attempt a single shot.

Several of the rounds hit Roach, critically wounding him. One of their bullets went through the door of the bar and hit 22-year-old Maria Fernada Godinez, killing her.

Top 5 Courses I Want to Attend at USW

  1. TV & Film Set Design
  2. Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
  3. Film
  4. Film Studies
  5. Photojournalism

They are all BA (hons), 3-year full time study and I would, of course, prefer to get accepted to no. 1, but the other four are very good runner ups. If you didn’t know about my wish to work in the film industry, I huess you’ve figured it out now.


Pride shields!!

You can pretty much do whatever you want with these (as long as you’re not selling them, please)

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Shoutout to khannemara for the idea!

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The nerve!….This goes out to all the spoonies.

Read this:

My name is Emelie Crecco, I’m 20 years old and I have cystic fibrosis. CF affects the lungs (as of many organs in the body) because of this I have a handicapped sticker. I’m not one to “abuse” the sticker, meaning I use it when I’m having a “bad day” (some days its a little harder to breathe). Today was HOT so I needed to use my sticker. I was running errands all day around my town, I pulled into a handicapped spot, placed the sticker in my mirror and continued into the store. Upon returning to my car I found a note written by someone, it said “Shame on you, you are NOT handicapped. You have taken a space that could have been used by an actually handicapped person. You are a selfish young lady.” I was LIVID. How can someone be so ignorant and cowardly? They clearly saw me walk out of my car, why not approach me? Not all handicaps are visible. I would love for you to share this story. It would help spread awareness for CF, but it would help open people’s minds to what handicapped really is.
Thank you for your time”
~Emelie Crecco

A friend of mine fell over 20 feet and basically broke half his ribs, punctured his lung, broke his arm in three places that required many surgeries to fix and messed up a nerve in his leg. He had to walk with a cane for a long time after it and some lady in a restaurant thought he was just walking with a cane for the hell of it and she ripped it from his hands and grabbed his messed up arm and shook him and told him he was an awful human being for pretending to be handicapped. What the fuck people?

This is what real ableism looks like.

I have ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disorder which causes my body to attack my colon, and I qualify for one of those stickers. I’m scared to get one, though, because I look healthy and whole.

A mutual friend of mine’s mother has severe fibromyalgia (that gives her a handicapped pass) and as she was walking to her car after buying her groceries, a man actually lunged at her and started yelling at her about her “not looking handicapped”. It left her mother shaking and crying, of course, and it just makes me so angry how awful and ignorant some people can be. 

Not all handicaps are visible

Can I just pin this sentence on every lamppost all over the planet please

I get this all the time with my knee problems if i’m not wearing my supports

Re-blogging because a similar thing happened to me. I have MS and most of the time LOOK completely healthy even if I’m struggling. One day collecting my kids from school I parked on the opposite side of the road to a double driveway. It was safest place I could park without obstructing anyone and without having to walk too far. I put my disabled badge in the window and when I got out this woman came out from the house with the double driveway and started to have a go at me. “I’m fed up with you lazy mothers blocking my driveway.” I repeat I was not blocking her driveway. I pointed this out and that I have a badge. She didn’t care she wanted me to move my car. I told her that the only place I could move it to was too far for me to walk without discomfort. She didn’t care.

At this point another mother who knew me ran up and calmly told the woman that if she really wanted me to move my car perhaps she could take my MS as well. :)

Symbols in the Ace Community:


With only 1% of people in the world being asexual(according to one study), it can be a bit difficult to find other people within the ace community during our daily lives. Not many people like to openly express their sexuality, especially in the day and age we currently live in. Because of this, many communities have certain items/colors that serve as symbols so that members of these communities can easily communicate/relate with other members. With that being said, the ace community is no exception to this! 

Here are some of the symbols that are commonly used in the ace community:

The Asexual Flag


The asexual flag is one of the most iconic symbols within the ace community. Each color represents a specific item within the community:

  • Black: Asexuality
  • Gray: Gray-A and Demisexuality
  • White: Sexuality
  • Purple: Community

The AVEN Triangle


The AVEN Triangle is a symbol that AVEN (Asexual Visibility and Education Network) uses to represent themselves. Over time, it has come to be a common symbol to represent the ace community, as well. For more information on this symbol and what it stands for, please go here.



Cake is a common symbol/tradition/joke within the ace community. It was first used on the AVEN forums to welcome newcomers to the community and chatrooms. Since then, it has become an informal symbol, of sorts, with many members referencing it by saying such things as “Cake is better than sex.”

The Black Ring Around the Middle Finger of the Right Hand


Having a black ring on the middle finger of your right hand is a subtle way of showing others in public that you are part of the ace community.

Ace of Hearts and Ace of Spades


The ace of hearts and ace of spades are used in the asexual community to represent romantic orientation of asexuals (due to members referring themselves as “ace”).  The ace of hearts card is used to represent romantic asexuals while the ace of spades card is used to represent aromatic asexuals. Not all people within the asexual community use this method; however, there are some who do.



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Scarves by Shovava

My oldest sister have been visiting me for a few days, that’s why I’ve been completely absent here.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Color Studies - Pink by Carissa Gallo

Color Studies: Pink is a stunning photography series by Portland-based photographer Carissa Gallo, aiming to document her recent obsession with a multitude of muted colors.

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Prayers to all of the people in that town. This is bullshit anyone is treated like this. It is fucking 2014 get ur shit together.

"We all bleed red but whos blood is in the streets?"





Can someone PLEASE explain why the Hell the American president hasn’t sent in his men to protect his people? 

His citizens are trapped in what’s basically a dystopian nightmare, the police are literally fucking insane and need to be put down like the dogs they are

I’m not sure how much the president can do about it without the approval of congress

When the first black students were entering an all white college in Alabama for the first time, the state governor Wallace called out the national guard to prevent the students from entering. The president, Kennedy, sent the army in to protect the students and make the college let them in.

I think Obama could do a little more if he were inclined.

Good point.